Tradition Property Services Ltd. - Specialist Jet Wash Cleaning or Pressure Washing in London
Post Wash Re-pointing and Re-sanding services:
Re pointing and re sanding services are available for driveways and patios etc that need a full  deep clean and full refurbishment.  
If stone surafces are left un maintained for long periods of time, cracks may appear and slabs or blocks may become loose. They are usually caused by moss and small plant roots working there way into the cracks mortar or sand which eventually pulls the stone apart.
Moss is also a factor for creating the dangerous slippery areas when wet.
Our team can replace any mortar or sand that is washed out or that has become loose. The finished result in many case is a fully refurbished area that can often look even better than new.
Block paving cleaning looks especially good with a fresh treatment of Kiln Dried sand highlighting the freshly washed block work
for more infomation please dont hesitate to call one of our friendly team 0207 231 5888
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